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We are nestled in the scenic drift less area of Wisconsin, and our product is grown locally in the Midwest without irrigation or pesticides. We grow established shrubs and perennials, field grown flowers, woody cuts, flowers, grasses, and berries, all grown with low environmental impact.

All of our flowers are grown outdoors, not in greenhouses. Our flowers are cut before noon for maximum freshness and are immediately hydrated in clean water with floral preservative and placed in a cooler. 

We grow all our flowers without pesticides or chemicals, so you can handle and enjoy them without worrying. We pride ourselves on being able to supply the ever-changing market, and our product reflects the four seasons here in Southwestern Wisconsin. 


Edible flowers have become a great addition to many drinks + food dishes. If you're unsure about which to add to your next event/party, Stoney Point Flowers has given you a list of various blossoms!


This is the second short in the seasonal series for SPF, situated in the rolling hills and valleys of Southwest Wisconsin. This film depicts the comings and goings from early February until May!


This the first in a season series for Stoney Point Flowers, located in Southwest Wisconsin. This film showcases what goes on during the winter months.